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A Day in the Life of a Chartered Accountant

David Buxton - Chartered Accountant

A Day in the Life of a Chartered Accountant

08:00This is usually around the time I arrive at the office.  During busy periods I will arrive much earlier, for example during the end of the tax year; this is an extremely busy period as you can imagine. 

I start by saying hello and talking to all staff, catching up with any issues they may have and trying to resolve what I can on the spot.  I then immediately begin trawling through and replying to emails ensuring everything is up to date, making a note of the day’s top ‘to do’ priorities.

09:30 – I meet my first client of the day, this can either be via a face to face meeting or a telephone call. 

Meetings can go on for as little as 30 minutes if it is a quick check-up with an existing customer, or for as long as needed if it is a new customer.  New customers require a great deal more time initially as I aim to build the new relationship and get to know the customer’s financial needs.

11:00 – This is usually around the time of our staff meeting, with a brew of course. I brief the team on the requirements and priorities of the day and they update me with the progress made and any further issues they have encountered.

We then usually work to resolve any problems as a team, this is great for morale and for employees’ own personal progression, they gain confidence and experience which will eventually lead to them providing solutions themselves.

12:30 – I usually reserve this time to get out the office and meet clients in their workplace or a convenient place of choice.  This is important for us as we understand that our clients are also busy and may not have the time to come to us. So, I go to them!

14:00 – Lunch. This is sometimes a luxury, but I mostly end up having a sandwich at my desk. I use this time to catch up with the latest news and updates that I need to be aware of so that The Buxton Partnership can consistently provide the best possible service.

14:30 – From this point on I am usually working in my own office alone.  Preparing and finalising accounts, reviewing company systems and accounts to provide solutions to meet their needs, analysing risk, as well as detecting and preventing fraud.  This time is often interrupted many times by client phone calls which can often be a welcome break. 

17:30 – I get ready to finish at this time, returning any final phone calls and responding to any urgent emails and chase some of the remaining staff off home. I believe their own time spent well helps them work harder and focus during the working day.

18:00 – This is normally the time I leave and close the office after a hard day’s work.  I believe it is important to not remain at work late into the night, unless it’s a busy period, as you need time for yourself.

19:30 – Exercise. This is an important part of my routine as getting the blood pumping around my body and keeping fit is essential to relieve stress and keep me constantly on the ball and focused whilst at work.

It is non-stop busy but I would not have it any other way!

Have you thought about your ‘A Day in the Life?’ What does it look like? 

Kind regards

David Buxton


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