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Good Human Resource Management

The Benefits of Good Human Resource Management


HR Manager talking to an employee.

Its commonly shown through various studies that the human aspect of resources in a bureaucracy adds up to a predominant amount of an organisations value. Consequently, excellent Human Resource Management is clearly paramount.

There are many different and challenging responsibilities of an HR team, so let’s take a look at some and how effective management can benefit you and your business.

1. When Hiring Personnel –

  • HR representatives have a duty to devise rules and criteria when deciding upon who to hire so they can find the right person for the job. Furthermore, they have the duty of defining the obligations and rights of the future employee; all contracts for employees tend to be based or these two conditions.
  • On some occasions, recruitment is done through educational and psychological processes. Hereby, applicants’ skills and character are evaluated, before they are then determined whether they suit the role and culture of the business.
  • More generally, an interview process is conducted whereby the applicant is evaluated based on how they conduct themselves and by the answers they give towards a set of questions during the interview with an HR manager.
  • Excellent Human Resource Management will always ensure that only the most skilful and best-fitting people are hired for the job, which in turn increases the organisation’s value.

2. When Training Workers –

  • In addition to hiring new staff, HR managers are assigned the importance of training employees via their own experience, related business training programs or by determining the easiest and most effective way of training based on the employees own personal requirements.
  • In doing so, guiding recently recruited staff to follow a successfully employed identity and structure currently in place, can only benefit both the employee and the organisation.

3. When Appraising Performance –

  • Motivation. Motivation. How is it accomplished? Primarily, it involves providing a platform for encouraging and enabling employees to achieve their maximum level of potential, whether that be economically or vocationally.
  • Providing feedback also goes a long way in allowing them to be acknowledged for outstanding contributions or improvements they can make to accomplish further development.
  • A good HR managers goal should always be to constantly develop and improve employee performance and morale.

4. Conflict Resolution –

  • Tension can always generally be detected, whether it’s across departments, between employees and management or just between two people. Therefore, an HR representative should always consider the politics of the business and help settle any conflict.
  • A sad but sometimes unavoidable occurrence is when an employee’s rights have been violated through acts of harassment or discrimination. HR managers must always be available and approachable in the circumstances; assisting them and utilising the viable anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws in order to resolve legal matters and to prevent any similar behaviour in the future.
  • It goes without saying that 99.9% of employers do not tolerate any kind of this behaviour and it should always be a priority for HR to root out any unacceptable conduct.

5. When Improving Work-Related Benefits –

  • Rewarding employees who display good work results and show belief in the goals of the company is highly motivating. Compensating those who buy into the culture and ethos of the company should always be recognised; it serves as an incentive for them to continue with the great work they are doing.
  • Compensation can come in all forms and will often depend on the nature of your business and industry. However, common incentives can include promotions, end of year bonuses or even just a slightly earlier leave on a Friday to beat the traffic so they can have more family time.
  • Whether it’s a generous benefit or even a token acknowledgement of hard-work, it goes a long way in improving employee satisfaction and motivation, which also has the added benefit of higher employee retention levels.

We hope some of these tips on improving your HR practices can benefit you and your business.

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